The Olena Zelenska Foundation joined the project of rehabilitation of children witnessed war crimes committed by Russian Forces

04 May 2023

The first shift of the rehabilitation children's camp Gen.Camp has started in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This is an initiative of the public organization Gen.Ukrainian, implemented with the support of the Foundation. 

On April 17, a new shift of the psychological rehabilitation camp Gen.Camp for children affected by the war began. The free camp, which was based in Spain last year, moved to the Ukrainian Carpathians this year. Here, among the mountains, children who witnessed brutal murders, lost one or both parents, and survived the horrors of the occupation are being rehabilitated. Teachers have an important task to save the children's psyche and teach them to live in a new reality. For this, rehabilitation is carried out according to advanced approaches, additional protocols and an original program. 


"The psyche of all these children was undermined by the war. They came to the camp from the hottest spots of Ukraine and survived what many adults couldn’t. I admire the professionalism of the Gen.Camp team. Everything they do finds a response in our hearts. We have common values and priorities in order to return a happy childhood and future to our children," said Nina Horbachova, Director of the Olena Zelenska Foundation. 

The Olena Zelenska Foundation supported the Gen.Ukrainian initiative and financed three shifts of the camp, allocating $100,000. This year, Gen.Camp expanded the children's demographics. Teenagers aged 12-15 will also participate in the rehabilitation camp. An educational program of career guidance was additionally provided for them. The duration of one shift is 21 days. 

The Foundation will continue to provide assistance to children affected by the war. Our most important task during rehabilitation is to restore children's smile and hope for a happy future.