Olena Zelenska Foundation provides hearing aids to residents of Kyiv oblast: Chernihiv oblast is the next

10 February 2023
The Olena Zelenska Foundation has joined the project "Cabinet on wheels. We are close" project. Its goal is to provide hearing aids to all residents of deoccupied villages and towns in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions who might need them. The initiative was implemented jointly with the charity organization “Vidchui” (“Feel”).

As part of the project, healthcare professionals conducted initial hearing examinations for all interested residents in 74 de-occupied villages and three cities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. Just as the Vidchui organization, the Olena Zelenska Foundation affirms the values of inclusiveness, so it decided to join this project.

The war - constant explosions, hiding in cold basements, and lack of electricity and water - has increased hearing impairment among civilians. As a result, many people need quality medical care.

So far, residents of 12 liberated villages in the Kyiv region have already obtained 150 hearing aids worth more than UAH 1.8 million. To cover the needs of all residents with hearing impairments, the Foundation purchased 368 hearing aids for the Kyiv region and 132 for the Chernihiv region.

“When you arrived in summer, I immediately visited the doctor to check my hearing. I did not expect such severe unilateral hearing loss. So it was a revelation for me,” says Olena Baturina from Havronshchyna village in Kyiv Oblast.

Olena is raising five children, works two jobs, and volunteers by weaving nets and "kikimoras" - camouflage nets - for the Ukrainian military. Finally, she can return to the normal life that the Russian army deprived her of.

In addition to helping people with hearing impairments, the Foundation supports family-type orphanages and provides humanitarian aid to people in the de-occupied Kharkiv and Kherson regions. In particular, last year, the Foundation entirely covered the humanitarian needs of 23 family-type children's homes with more than 200 children in Kyiv and Odesa regions. The Foundation also provided 220 generators, 2200 sleeping bags, 400 heaters, 800 electric blankets, and 2300 electric heaters to people from the Kherson region. In addition, the Foundation also sent 100 generators, 69 electric blankets, 85 heaters, 4509 sleeping bags, 200 stoves, and 40 batteries to residents of the de-occupied Kharkiv region.