The Estonian government along with the Olena Zelenska Foundation will build new homes for foster families

05 June 2023
Estonia has become another country to join the "Address of Childhood" project, in which the Foundation builds housing for large foster families affected by the war.

The Estonian government will allocate funds for the construction of two homes for foster families. During a meeting with the Estonian government team, the First Lady of Ukraine and founder of the Foundation agreed on that. Among the government team were: Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology Tiit Riisalo, Director General of Department for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Kairi Saar-Isop, Director General at Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) Andrea Kivi, and Deputy Head Of Mission at Estonian Embassy in Kyiv Margus Gering.

"Estonia constantly supports Ukraine and participates in socially important projects, primarily to help children. Building new homes for foster families affected by the war is an opportunity for these families to live in their own homes again," said Nina Horbachova, Director of the Foundation.

The Foundation is currently negotiating with local authorities and social services to determine the region in Ukraine where the construction of housing will begin and for which families specifically.

We thank our friends from Estonia for their partnership and the opportunity to help even more affected Ukrainian children and the foster families.

The special project of the "Address of Childhood" Foundation aims to help such families. We strive to provide affected families with new housing as quickly as possible and do everything in our power to achieve this. The initiative to build the first ten houses has already been supported by the United Arab Emirates. Negotiations are currently underway for the construction of several more houses with Australia, Slovenia, and Finland.